Creamy lentils with curry, aubergine & apple

Creamy lentils with curry, aubergine & apple

This creamy lentils with curry, aubergine and apple recipe changed my relationship with lentils many years ago!

I got this delicious vegetarian lentils recipe from a friend and former colleague in Miami – she’s a great cook. When I was invited to dinner at her house one evening and she announced that she had made lentils, I was not very excited due to my relationship with lentils until that evening.

A Peruvian tradition

There is a Peruvian tradition to eat lentils on Monday for good luck. When I was growing up, lentils were served on Monday. I am not sure whether it was the boring routine or the way that lentils were prepared at home (with pork,) but as a child, I did not have a good relationship with lentils.

Creamy lentils with curry, aubergine & apple

When I tried my friend’s vegetarian lentils, my perception of this nutritious legume changed for good. The lentils dish had different textures and flavours…and NO pork! The sweetness of cooked apples goes well with curry and cooked aubergines add texture and flavour that blends beautifully with the lentils. Since then, I love lentils and I make them all the time!

lentils, apple, aubergine, curry powder
Ingredients for the recipe


I made some replacements to the original recipe because I want this recipe to be vegetarian and vegan. Also, because I don’t like milk nor cream. 

  • Replaced liquid cream with coconut cream.
  • Replaced veal stock with vegetable stock.

Serves 4-6


300 gr Brown lentils

3 Red apples

2 Medium sized aubergines

1 cube Vegetable stock

½ cup Coconut cream

2 tablespoons Curry powder




  1. Rinse lentils in a strainer under cold water. Reserve.
  2. Rinse aubergines and cut in cubes.
  3. Add olive oil to a pan and cook aubergines on low heat until soft and fully cooked. Reserve.
  4. Rinse apples, remove the core, peel and cut in cubes.
  5. Add olive oil to a pan and cook apples on low heat until soft and aromatic. Reserve.
  6. Place lentils in a saucepan, cover with water and cook on high heat until it boils. Then reduce heat and cook slowly for about 15 minutes. At this point, they should be cooked but still firm. If there is water left, drain the lentils and put them back in the saucepan.
  7. Add cooked aubergines and apples to the lentils, add the vegetable stock cube and one cup of water. Mix and cook on low heat until the water evaporates and the lentils are soft.
  8. Right before serving, add curry powder and coconut cream and cook until it simmers.

These fragrant vegetarian lentils may be enjoyed as a starter, a main dish or a side dish. Serve them hot.

Feel free to share your comments, ask questions or share stories of the time when you made this recipe.

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