A Culinary Experience in Cuzco, Peru

A Culinary Experience in Cuzco, Peru

The luxury accommodation and fine dining offer in Cuzco was quite limited two decades ago. Today, there is an array of places to comfortably stay, and plenty of gourmet experiences available.

Cuzco, a city in the Peruvian Andes, is a special place with beautiful vibes

It was once the capital of the Inca Empire, and it is filled with culture, history, impressive Inca and Spanish colonial architecture, and interesting traditions. There are many sights to visit, colourful markets, and handcrafts made by friendly locals. The altitude and lack of oxygen in the air force you to slow down and therefore, you end up smelling the roses.

Main square in Cuzco city

Cuzco and Machu Picchu attract a diversity of travellers from around the world. Backpackers, nature and hiking enthusiasts, scholars, photographers, luxury travellers, and so forth are all drawn to explore this part of the world. I’ve been to Cuzco eight time, and I hope to continue going back to this magical place.

Places I recommend to eat

Luxury Hotels

Palacio del Inka is a beautiful hotel centrally located. It has a nice bar where you can relax and admire the genuine stone walls. They say the bar makes the best pisco sour in town. It also has a beautiful courtyard where you may have breakfast, or an afternoon drink under the blue sky. The spa has a really cool water circuit (reserve in advance). It offers a perfect way to end a day full of walking and hiking.

Palacio del Inca Hotel courtyard

Hotel Monasterio is another must see place. You can go for a drink or eat at any of its restaurants. I recommend to have a drink in the courtyard in the evening. It’s a relaxing experience in a beautiful setting. Can be very romantic….just an idea!

Pisco Sours at Palacio del Inca Hotel – they say they are the best ones!

A happening place to eat day and night

Cicciolina is a very cool tapas bar. It gets very crowded in the evening therefore, reservations are a must. You can also go for a drink and tapas during the day. If you are lucky and get a table by the window, you will be able to take cool pictures, and people-watch.

Where to go out at night

Museo del Pisco for drinks is fun. It has an authentic courtyard, which is an option to change the scene from the modern looking bustling bar inside.

Gourmet fast food

Chi Cha is a good place to eat at any time. They have amazing burgers. Located in the main square of Cuzco, on a second floor. The owner is a renowned chef and entrepreneur.

Where to get a local feel of the city

Pachapapa is another good find of local food. We had a fantastic experience. They have a wood oven. It is rustic, authentic, and relaxed. The service was very friendly when I went.

Main square in Cuzco city at dusk

If you have any recommendation on Cuzco that is not listed, I would love to read it in the comment section.

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