Fitness & mindfulness at home during the pandemic of 2020!

Fitness & mindfulness at home during the pandemic of 2020!

Practising fitness & mindfulness at home is a great way to stay physically & mentally healthy during the current pandemic of 2020, with lockdowns and social restrictions.

Endorphins, strength work, stretching, breathing, meditation, are allies to good physical and mental health!

Me doing a plank
Low plank – great core, arm and shoulder strengthening work

Staying fit during the pandemic of 2020

Since the beginning of 2020 life has changed abruptly all over the world. It started in Asia, then Europe, the Americas and everywhere else. By March/April, the planet experienced some kind of social restriction including strict lockdowns.

During lockdown in the UK, we were told to ‘Stay at Home and Save Lives.’ People and businesses were forced to quickly adapt and be creative. With gyms closed, fitness became an activity practised online at home or outdoors, weather permitting. Fitness equipment such as dumbbells and yoga mats became scarce and we had to use our creativity and exercise with what we had available.

If you are willing and able to include a workout session in your routine, here are some ideas and suggestions of online workouts that I’ve been doing and loving.

Improvise your fitness equipment

Use creativity and inspiration to make up for the lack of fitness equipment at home. If you don’t have dumbbells, use wine bottles or gallons of water for strength work. Look around your place to see where can you do certain exercises such as pull-ups and triceps dips.

Live-streaming & online workout tips

Cardio & Strength Full Body Workout

Hugo Diez (@hugodiezfitness), an international fitness star does live-streaming workout sessions via Zoom. The mix of cardio fitness and strength work is the perfect combination to burn fat and tone the body. The added value – he keeps an eye on everybody, he corrects, motivates, pushes and even makes us laugh with his witty personality. Check out his new website

Hugo Diez on a laptop screen
Hugo Diez in action


Cat Medina (@catmedinaa) live-streaming Zumba classes from Miami are like a party session. Her energy is contagious, the music is amazing and the workout gets the endorphins flowing and puts a smile right on your sweaty face.

Cat Medina in laptop screen
Cat Medina in live stream Zumba class

Power Pilates

Kari McCreath (@karimccreath) is a popular cycling instructor at the gym in London. I love her classes, her taste in music and her energy. During the pandemic, she is doing Live Power Pilates classes on Instagram. You can find some recorded ones on her Instagram feed as well.

Yoga, Stretching, Meditation, Zumba & more…

The Mind Body Social community in Miami offer free live-streaming classes ranging from Zumba to Stretching & Meditation. They have an array of classes and different style of coaches.

Qigong, Yoga & Meditation

James Rafael (@Jamesyoga) is one of my favourite yoga instructor at the gym in London. He does live-streaming classes and has a YouTube channel. His 2-hour Super Sunday live-streaming classes (Qigong, Yoga and Meditation) are amazing and he stays online after class to chat and share his good vibes.

Barre & Pilates

If you like Barre and Pilates, Chiara Becuti (@chiarabecuti) does classes on Instagram Live and posts recorded sessions on her Instagram feed. I know her from the gym in London and love her classes. She is a very charismatic Italian who makes you work hard and have fun at the same time.

Cardio & Strengthening Workout – 54D

For a hardcore cardio workout, live from Miami, in Spanish and English follow Rodrigo Garduño & Rodrigo De Ovando on Instagram. Their energy and good humour are contagious. They did free daily live sessions on Instagram for months and since restrictions eased in Miami, they re-opened their gym in Coral Gables but continue to do the live sessions on Saturdays which they call Game Day.

two guys working out outside
The Mexican duo in their daily Instagram Live fitness session!

Bodyweight workout and more

Waz and Charlie are two charismatic and amazing fitness professionals who belong to the Equinox family in London. They have recently launched their fitness company called Raise LDN. Check them out!

Membership to Fitness & Mindfulness Online Classes

Alo Moves offers a membership to access more than 1,500 fitness and mindfulness classes. You may select classes according to duration, style, difficulty, intensity and instructors.

Post-workout recovery smoothie recipes

After a good workout and a nice relaxing shower; an energizing smoothie is a great post-workout recovery beverage! Get some recipes here

Positive thoughts = positive emotions

Be grateful that you are alive, healthy and able to exercise at home! This pandemic is only temporary and we’ll come out of it with lessons learned 🙂

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay safe! 😉

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