Grilled Prawns Marinated with Coarse Sea Salt

Grilled Prawns Marinated with Coarse Sea Salt

Grilled prawns, raw, with the shell and the head-on, marinated with coarse sea salt is a delicious starter to throw on the grill or have as a main with your favourite garnish. It’s really easy to make and fun to share with your favourite people.

I discovered this easy recipe at a friend’s place in Andalusia, Spain. Since then, I’ve been making them at home. I’ve made them on an electric grill in my former Parisian flat, also while on holiday when I have access to a grill, and nowadays in my flat in London, outdoors – weather permitting, or indoors when it rains. There are no obstacles to make these easy, quick and delicious grilled prawns marinated with coarse sea salt 😉

Peel them with your fingers and enjoy them right out of the grill. It’s fun, messy, full of marine flavour and just DELICIOUS!


About 5 raw prawns per person

A handful of coarse sea salt

raw prawns marinating with coarse sea salt
Raw prawns marinating with coarse sea salt


  1. Place the raw prawns on a flat container.
  2. Sprinkle a generous amount of coarse sea salt and leave at room temperature marinating for about half an hour.
  3. Fire-up or turn on a grill of any kind and wait until hot.
  4. Place the prawns on the grill and don’t leave them out of your sight.
  5. Turn them as soon as they become pink on one side and make sure that they cook (become pink) on all sides, including the head. The cooking process is quick. Do not overcook them.


  • Do not overcook them because the meat will become harder than desirable and the shell will stick to it making it difficult to peel.
  • If you are not too concerned about your cholesterol levels, don’t miss the coral on the head, it’s DELICIOUS!
  • The coarse sea salt used to marinate the prawns is the perfect seasoning to highlight the natural flavour of the prawns and the coral. I recommend avoiding any sauce or dip and just focus on the natural marine flavour infused in coarse sea salt.

If you are a seafood lover like I am, you’ll really appreciate this easy and delicious recipe. Enjoy!

The heads of the prawns left on the plate
Heads of the prawns, where the coral is

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