Lima, Peru – The Land of Rich Gastronomy and Talented Chefs!

Lima, Peru – The Land of Rich Gastronomy and Talented Chefs!

Lima… not known for its blue skies and white sandy beaches, but FAMOUS for fresh fish and seafood, a multicultural influenced gastronomy, and talented chefs!

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Although I haven’t lived there for more than fifteen years, my roots are there, as well as most of my family and childhood friends.

Gastronomy in Peru today

Gastronomy in Peru has developed very fast in the last twenty years. When I go back on holidays, I am amazed at the array of great restaurants to choose from. I never have enough time to try them all. Renowned Peruvian chefs are opening gastronomic restaurants in Peru, and all over the world. Living in London, I have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to Peruvian food cravings.

Not long ago, I went to Lima to see friends and family, and of course to update myself with the local gastronomic landscape. In this post, I have listed restaurants that I really enjoyed (from my last trip, and from the past), and that I would highly recommend. I also added some places to visit that are worthwhile. I’m sure that my list is not long enough because I still have more places to visit and try. A good excuse to go back home for more food and fun!

Where to stay

There are all sorts of hotels in Lima. The important thing to consider is the area where you want to stay. San Isidro is a centrally located and a nice area, especially near the Golf de San Isidro club. Miraflores is another centrally located and nice area. It is by the sea. If you are lucky you might have sea view. Miraflores is near Barranco, the bohemian district which is worth a visit. Hotel B in Barranco has been highly recommended to me. I’ve added it to my ‘places to visit’ list for my next trip.

Restaurants I recommend

Where to have a taste of creative Peruvian-Japanese Fusion = Nikkei cuisine

Maido – This Nikkei restaurant offers an experience which is a party to the senses. From the moment you enter, you feel excited, yet relaxed. The presentation of the dishes is Instagram worthy. Must reserve in advance.

Osaka –  This restaurant is so popular that it opened more branches in Lima, as well as in South America. The food is creative, the quality and service are excellent, and the atmosphere is fun and cool. Better to reserve but not a must.

Hanzo – I love this place. This is another restaurant that has expanded in Lima and South America. It serves beautifully made maki, and sushi with Peruvian sauces. This is just to start. The menu is extensive, and the quality and service are impeccable. Better to reserve but not a must.

Where to eat the best Ceviche, the Peruvian National Dish

La Mar –  This is a high-end Cevicheria. The fish and seafood specialties are to die for. The atmosphere is chic, and at the same time relaxed. It’s always crowded, full of colour, and laughter. They also offer for sale, a variety of cooking books with great recipes of the different kinds of Peruvian cuisine. Must reserve in advance.

La Leche – Is a low profile, inexpensive restaurant, with amazing ceviche and seafood. Try the Leche de tigre in a big glass, it’s delicious!

Restaurant Sonia – If you want to have a local experience, this place is what you are looking for. I remember going to this restaurant as a young girl, with my family. Back then, it only had a few tables, and was located in the garage of a house. Sonia is the chef, and her husband is a retired fisherman. Today, the restaurant is in the same house, but has grown and developed to a real seafood restaurant. The atmosphere is casual, authentic, decorated in fishermen themes. The food is fresh, full of flavour, and made with love.

Chez Javier Wong – This is a unique experience. The venue is a house in a sketchy part of Lima. There is no effort in the decoration or atmosphere. It has few tables and no menu. The chef cooks two kinds of ceviche and one hot dish with the catch of the day. You can see chef Wong cooking live, and may even take a picture with him, and the big fish which will become lunch for everyone. It’s the freshest ceviche I have tried. The quality of the food is spectacular. No wonder why it’s famous internationally. It’s a must try. Must reserve in advance.

Chef Wong in action!


Ceviche in three different ways!


Where to expose yourself to Peruvian gastronomy from different regions, in a beautiful historic setting

Astrid & Gaston Casa Moreyra – High-end Peruvian cuisine and beautiful place. The menu is creative and colourful, and is in constant change. There are two sitting areas, one with a tasting menu, and another where you can order ‘a la carte,’ and have a view to the open kitchen with the chefs in action. Must reserve in advance.

Where to have the perfect barbecue

La Cuadra de Salvador – A steakhouse with excellent quality, beautiful presentation, and a friendly setting. Located in Barranco.

A place with superb quality, creativity, variety, and a casual atmosphere

Tanta – Not just another chain of Peruvian cuisine. This place is fantastic for a gourmet, yet casual outing for Peruvian favourites. No wonder why it has extended internationally.

Jerónimo – Since it opened, it has become a very popular restaurant. It has Mexican influence because the chef lived in Mexico for years. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, with tempting aromas that will make you want to try it all. I recommend sharing dishes. Must reserve.

Juicy Lucy – Not your average burger joint, this place offers gourmet burgers, handmade with freshly ground 100% Angus or Wagyu beef. With creative toppings, sauces and types of bread. A prime burger place not to be missed!

Where to eat on-the-go and enjoy every bite

Pasquale – This is a spectacular Peruvian sandwich and home style cooking place. It is a chain, inexpensive, fast food, with the best quality and flavour.

Pardo’s Chicken – Peruvians love to eat chicken. The most popular way to cook it is roasting it. However, it’s not made like in France, with thyme and potatoes baked in the chicken fat. In Peru, chicken is marinated overnight with a secret recipe full of herbs and spices. It’s usually  served with fries and ‘aji’, a chilli sauce not too spicy but bursting in flavour. This is a chain, you find it even in food courts, in shopping centres. You may also get it delivered. It’s a superb fast food option, I highly recommend it.

Mangos – If you happen to be in Larcomar, a shopping and leisure centre in Miraflores with a beautiful sea view, grab a bite or a drink on the terrace of Mangos. It has one of the best views in that area.

What to do

Barranco, Puente de los Suspiros


Puente de los suspiros in Barranco.

MATE, Museo Mario Testino – Renowned Peruvian Photographer’s museum. Don’t miss the room dedicated to Princess Diana.

I recommend taking an open tour bus around Lima. Downtown Lima is beautiful. It is better to go with a tour because there is a lot of pick pocketing in that area.

Also, the Parque de la Reserva is not to be missed.

If you have any recommendation on Lima that I have not listed, I would love to read it in the comment section. I think I need to plan another trip there soon!

You may also be interested to read about Cuzco.


5 thoughts on “Lima, Peru – The Land of Rich Gastronomy and Talented Chefs!”

  • Enhorabuena por el blog, me ha encantado, me he trasladado al través de las recetas, los platos y los distritos de Lima, a un mundo de sabores y aromas que muchos que estamos fuera evocamos con nostalgia. Quizás disfrutamos en algunas ciudades del Mundo de algún restaurante por pequeño y humilde que sea de esa gran variedad gastronómica, como Limeño y buen chalaco que soy, de Bella vista para más señas, me inclino mucho por los pescados y mariscos. En Madrid, en París, Londres, Bruselas o New York encontramos el arte culinario peruano, pero para disfrutar de un buen plato nada mejor que en compañía de los amigos y el ambiente que sólo encontramos en nuestra tierra.

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