My Story

My Story

Welcome to my blog with recipes & travel tips!

In this blog I share my favourite recipes, healthy, fresh, colourful, and full of flavour, as well as travel tips of places I visit, photograph and highly recommend.

My background

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, and now based in London. I’ve lived in different places such as Florida, New York, California; USA, and Switzerland, France, UK.

I have a Business background that started in the USA and continued in Peru however, there was something missing in my life. I could not ignore my passion for cooking. Fifteen years ago I had a career break, moved to Paris, studied at the French school of culinary arts, Le Cordon Bleu, and officially became a chef. I trained with creative and talented chefs in two gastronomic restaurants, and a catering company in Paris.

My passion for cooking

It started in my grandmother’s kitchen in Lima. I was a happy girl helping her chop onions, grind meat, and loved the aromas of sautéed onions, garlic, and spices.

With my Mom it was all about baking. We made succulent desserts together. With her I learned the basics of baking.

Today, my kitchen is my happy place, where I relax and allow my creativity to flourish. I prefer to cook savoury rather than sweet. With my healthy eating habits I try to avoid refined sugar, and white flour. I’m crazy about chocolate though, but I like it dark.

My love for travel

I started travelling and exploring different cultures with my family at a very young age. I have been a tourist, an exchange student, an international student, a backpacker, a business traveller, and an expat.

Travelling gives exposure to many sensations, experiences, emotions, life lessons, … and food is a simple, yet important part of observing and understanding the culture of where you are.

Life in Paris

This wonderful city is extremely meaningful to me. It is where I fell in love with my life partner and where I learned from the best chefs, following my passion for cooking and pastry.

I also obtained a degree in Tourism & Hotel Management, and subsequently took a role in communications in an international environment, where I worked with fantastic people, travelled, and liaised with hotels, caterers, and beautiful venues around Europe. Among the highlights of my event organisation responsibilities, was menu tasting and wine selection.


After more than thirteen years living in Paris, life took my partner and I to London. This cosmopolitan city offers an impressive variety of food, with quality and service that hardly ever disappoint. If you like to go out to eat, drink, and enjoy a friendly and bustling atmosphere, London never gets boring.

This journey has inspired me to share my passion for cooking and travelling. My aim with this project is to share, inspire and give ideas to those who like to cook, eat healthy and see beautiful places.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you come back.

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