Mykonos, Greece – One of the Coolest Islands on the Planet

Mykonos, Greece – One of the Coolest Islands on the Planet

Go for a swim in the Aegean Sea with its crystal clear water, discover Greek wine, enjoy fresh local cuisine and admire beautiful sunsets…all with a chilled attitude!

Welcome to one of the coolest islands on the planet – Mykonos, Greece!

Mykonian windmills at night
The windmills in Chora town, Mykonos Island

A much-needed break in 2020…

After months of not socialising, not going out, and even working out at home, a sojourn in one of the coolest islands on the planet seemed like the best option – and I was not wrong!

What makes it cool?

Mykonos in Greece is one of the coolest islands on the planet. It has beautiful sunsets, crystal clear sea, fresh and flavourful local cuisine and charming people. 

The whole island has a really cool vibe, nice aesthetics and the best sea that I’ve swum in. The beach clubs with chilled music during the day, the array of fine cuisine available, the local tavernas with authentic Greek food, the cool bars, clubs and shops, as well as the bohemian chic style that can be perceived everywhere…

Heaven for the ‘bon vivant’

There is so much to see and explore in beautiful Mykonos and it’s hard to do it all in one trip. However, there are beaches, restaurants and areas of the island for every taste and style. 

I travelled with my life partner and two friends; our aim was to explore different beaches, chill, eat authentic local cuisine, taste local wine, and of course enjoy ‘socially distanced’ fiestas in style. The experience, even with “year 2020 restrictions” exceeded our expectations.

So, why not let your mind escape to beautiful Mykonos and everything that it has to offer…or get inspiration and ideas for your next beach holiday?

How to reach Mykonos?

Mykonos is a Greek island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea.

  • An economic way to reach Mykonos is by Ferry from Piraeus, the port near Athens.
  • The easiest and fastest way to reach Mykonos is by aeroplane. Depending on where you are flying from, you might be able to get a direct flight. The airport in Mykonos is a short drive to anywhere on the island.
  • An even easier and more comfortable way to reach Mykonos is in a private jet charter, budget-permitting. There are many companies to choose from. 

Once you arrive, how to get around in Mykonos?

  • It’s important to know that there are not a lot of taxis on the island. However, there are private transport companies. I suggest you arrange your transportation needs in advance.
  • There are shuttle buses that go from the town Chora, to the beaches. To reach certain beaches you’ll need to take a boat shuttle after arriving by bus.
  • A good option is to rent a car. Parking in the town won’t be easy but elsewhere, it shouldn’t be a problem. There are free parking and valet parking in many hotels, restaurants and beach clubs.
  • For the more adventurous, quad bikes are very popular and fun to cruise around the island.
  • If you are super adventurous, a motorcycle is another option.

Note: Just mind that at night, the roads are kind of dark and you’ll find many curves on some two-way roads.

Paraga beach from far
Paraga beach seen from Scorpios Beach Club

The Private Beach Club experience

While there are many public beaches with magnificent sea, the private beach clubs offer a cool beach experience with all the comfort desired.

Imagine spending a day stimulating your senses. You have sunbeds near the water, comfort, sun and shade for the day. Great food and delicious drinks on the menu. A crystal clear and refreshing sea, cool music in the background and beautiful scenery to relax with or people-watch. 

For lunch, you may go to the club’s restaurant and have a nice sit-down lunch or you may order food and drinks to your sunbed.

There are beach clubs for all styles and tastes. From the party atmosphere to the family-friendly club. Here are some that I experienced and would highly recommend.

A holistic experience in Ftelia Mykonos

Alemàgou – comfortable, wonderful sea, personalised service, private beach, bohemian chic atmosphere, amazing restaurant. They have a few x-large cabanas with sunbeds and tables that get a lot of shade; perfect for hot sunny days with no wind.

Privacy and uninterrupted views

Scorpios – bohemian chic atmosphere, the coolest sunset lounge bar, private beach with a rocky sea, spa next to the sea, great restaurant, Caravana shop with Mexican clothes on brand with the club’s chilled and cool style. 

Glamour at Super Paradise Beach

JackieO’ – Beautiful glamorous beach club with swimming pool, wonderful sea views and amazing sea. The restaurant has great sea views from above and delicious food.

Myconian beach-life experience

Divine – Located in Super Paradise beach, comfortable sunbeds, friendly service, beautiful sea views. The sea is wonderful in Super Paradise.

Super Paradise beach from above
Super Paradise beach with beach clubs like Divine

Serenity and relaxation in a never-ending beach

Elia beach – A long and beautiful beach, a nice restaurant with relaxing views of the beach.

Elia beach and sunbeams
Relaxing Elia beach

Drinks, shisha, food and party

Kalua – More of a party style, friendly service, shallow sea. It is located in Paraga beach which has other beach clubs, a taverna and some other local bars.  

Crystal clear sea, family-friendly and comfort

Lohan Beach House – Located in Kalo Livadi beach, wonderful refreshing sea, residential area, comfortable beach beds and a great restaurant. Family-friendly and more chilled.

The beach at Lohan
The beach at Lohan Beach House

My favourite Tavernas for local cuisine

Fokos Taverna – The food was amazing, the service very friendly and authentic, the view is a wonderful wild beach. 

the view from Fokos taverna
The view from Fokos Taverna

Joanna’s Niko’s Place – Great Greek food and fun atmosphere. Right by the beach. Must reserve. They also do take away.

Rizes – A beautiful farm with several activities on offer. The restaurant serves food with ingredients from the farm. A good place to go after a beach day.

To Kartéri – A rustic option, an immersion into the local culture and gastronomy. Very good fresh and local cuisine.

The view from the restaurant
The view from To Kartéri Taverna

Exceptional Sunset experiences

Scorpios has a chilled vibe right on the sand overlooking the sea. A live DJ and warm lighting will create a chilled yet chic atmosphere. There is nothing better than to comfortably sit at a sunset table at Scorpios, sip a drink, listen to the music, people-watch and watch the sun go down and the sky constantly change colour until it becomes dark.

180 Sunset Bar has a bar and tables with magnificent views of the town from above, the sea and windmills. The sunsets here are spectacularly accompanied by live percussion and cool music.  

The sunset experience at 180 Sunset Bar

Tips to get the most out of Mykonos

  • Most hotels offer complimentary airport/port pick-up and drop-off service.
  • In my experience, Airbnb offers only the pick-up service for free but they can always arrange private transportation for a fee. Feel free to negotiate the rate.
  • Tavernas are restaurants with local cuisine. They tend to be more authentic and cheaper than restaurants.
  • When looking for car rental options, we noticed that automatic cars are more difficult to find and more expensive than manual cars. If you rent a car, a small one will be easier to park.
  • Beware of windy days. If the weather forecast has a wind warning, my advice is to avoid going to the beach. It will feel quite cool and uncomfortably windy. It’s better to do other activities or chill by a swimming pool.
  • If you like windsurfing or kitesurfing, windy days at Ornos beach or at Ftelia beach will be welcome.
  • It’s not safe to drink tap water in Mykonos.
  • I have noticed that when you arrive at a restaurant, beach club or other in Mykonos, the staff will not necessarily offer you the best location. I still don’t know whom they save the best spots for. Take a look around before accepting, and ask for a better location if you desire. 
  • Restaurants and beach clubs are very popular in high season therefore, I suggest you reserve in advance, maybe even before arriving at the island.
  • The island is full of cats. If you are allergic to cats, go prepared. If you like them, you’ll be in paradise.

Local drinks – wine and beer

Local Beer

I am a beer lover and I prefer light lager beer. When I travel, I like to taste the local beer. In Mykonos, I had an array of choice.

  • Mythos – lager beer
  • Mythos Ice – a lighter version of lager, like Corona or Sol
  • Alpha – a lager beer similar to Peroni
  • Fix – lager beer
  • JackieO’ – lager beer

Greek Wine

  • Santorini has good white wines, especially the ones with Assyrtiko grape. 
  • Mykonos has good wine but not as good as Santorini.
  • For local rose wines, look at the colour and go for the light pink because the darker pink wines tend to be sweet and corky.
  • Alpha Estate has good Greek wine.

Chora, Mykonos Town

Chora is a beautiful town to get lost in. Wander in the pedestrian narrow streets, look up and down, get immersed in the architectural style, the colours, the flowers, the churches and the views. You will find cute restaurants, shops from high-end to souvenir shops, and a lively atmosphere everywhere.

A street in Chora Town
A street in Chora Town

Some recommendations in Chora

The small port by night at Chora
The small port by night at Chora

Avra restaurant – Greek international cuisine in a beautiful relaxing yet lively garden.

Katrin restaurant – French cuisine, friendly service and nice venue.

Restaurant in a narrow street in Chora
Katrin restaurant with tables indoors and outdoors

Pepper is a great place to get souvlaki and other delicious food in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Lola is a cool gay bar with lowlights and a sexy vibe. 

One place that I really loved was the Rarity Gallery. They have amazing contemporary art beautifully displayed.

My takeaway…

  • Mykonos has many sides to it. There are places to party all day and all night if you want to. However, much less in summer of 2020.
  • There is also a chilled vibe that attracts many Europeans. A bohemian chic style for ‘bon vivant’ who enjoy gastronomy, wine, beautiful views of the sea, decor and good music. I’ll be back! 😉

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